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Admissions of students without regard to race, color

The King's Academy



The King's Academy

Winter Garden, FL 34787

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The King's Academy

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About Our School

The King’s Academy was founded in 2007 for the purpose of providing a Christian Education to our community. At its genesis, the school was small, serving from infant to 4 years old, TODAY, our school has evolved into a place that educates from the cradle to elementary school (5th grade).

The King’s Academy is affectionately named after Mother Frances King, a pioneer and cornerstone of our community that educated 1st graders for more than 43 years!

The Preschool Curriculum

The King’s Academy Preschool Curriculum is a unique blend of the Creative Curriculum for activities and skills, the Wee Learn curriculum for the activities and skill cover our spiritual needs, and the Cognitive Based Learning creating a child friendly skills development.

The Preschool is under the direction of Ms. Latyshia Mann (director@yourkingsacademy.com). She brings a wealth of knowledge, care and concern for our preschoolers, offering them the best education in a Christian environment

Elementary School Curriculum

The King’s Academy Elementary School Curriculum is also a unique blend, giving students an opportunity to explore their potentials in a Christian environment. The King’s Academy Elementary School follows the Orange County Public Schools standards to ensure that each student meets or exceeds County, State and National learning standards.

The Elementary School is under the direction of Mrs. Daniela Arancibia (daniela@yourkingsacademy.com). She is passionate, creative, caring and offers strong discipline to teachers and students with a results oriented goal.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy recognizes that children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development is interrelated. In our classrooms as in a Cognitive Based Learning, children are allowed to respond to their natural drive to learn. The role of the teacher is to facilitate, record and observe as children progress at their own pace and rhythm, giving them guidance where needed. Each child is respected as a unique personality, a gift from God as an important, responsible member of a community endowed with God given potential.